About Us

Who Are We?

Vegan Leather was founded by a small team of 3 who want to make a positive change in the world. The lack of sustainability, and unnecessary cruelty that animals face has always been something that caused frustration within us - but what really led us to creating the brand Vegan Leather was seeing that vegan leather itself honestly looks just as good as regular leather, is cheaper and is completely sustainable! Upon seeing this, we realized that leather was just a trend because it has been the norm for hundreds of years. Just as our society evolved away from other outdated practices, it's time for us to step away from using unsustainable, cruel products.

What is Vegan Leather?

Our vegan leather is derived from a high quality, completely sustainable base material called PU. PU is essentially artificial leather that is created without harming a single animal in the process. Vegan Leather products have the look and feel of real leather, but they don't harm the environment or animals!

What is Our Mission?

Our goal is to show people that they can achieve a desired look without having to wear animal skin to do so. Leather is a trend, and many people are stuck on the idea that they "need" real leather, but it's simply not true. If an alternative product looks and feels the same as leather, what legitimate reason can one give to wear animal based leather? That is our mission - creating incredible high quality products that are completely sustainable and cruelty free to show people that they don't need to support animal cruelty, environmental damage and unsustainable goods to achieve a look!


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